I Love Dark Lippies!


With fall right around the corner, it’s about time to whip out all the dark lippies! If you are like me then you wear dark colors year round because you love them just that much! I have a ton of lipsticks and I love the nudes, pinks, reds, and berries, but there is something about a deep plum color that draws my attention like nothing else! I recently purchased MAC Instigator and MAC Cyber. Cyber has been out for a while, but since I had MAC Smoked Purple I passed on picking it up and Instigator came out previously but was relaunched in June with their Matte Lip Collection. Of course, I had to pick it up!

Instigator vs Cyber

They are packaged in MAC’s standard black bullet and as you can see from the picture they look like the same color, but when swatched you can see a clear difference. The one on the left is Cyber and on the right is Instigator. Cyber is described as an “intense blackish-purple” with a satin finish, meaning great color payoff, semi-matte, and has a sheen. Instigator on the other hand is a “deep blackened plum” with a matte finish, meaning there is no sheen and no color transfer, but sill great color pay off. Mattes can be drying so exfoliating lips before use is a must!

20150822_171057On top is Instigator and the bottom is Cyber. As you can see although slightly similar, Instigator is lighter. I love them both and they last a long time, at least 6-8 hours of wear. Cyber when it fades does leave a stain, but I don’t mind! I would definitely recommend these two colors for the fall and look forward to what else MAC comes out with their fall collections!

Whatever your style, rock it this fall and every season!

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