Review: Incite Nutrition Biotin Vitamins

Vitamin Bottle
I recently began using Incite Nutrition Biotin Vitamins 10,000mg and so far everything has been great! I have tried biotin vitamins in the past, but never of this magnitude so I was a little skeptical, but since using that skepticism has all gone out the window. The pill is very easy to swallow and I would have to recommend drinking plenty of water during usage. We are suppose to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day anyway right?! Got that covered!

Since using these I have noticed my nails are stronger. I haven’t any weird effects and hair has not started to grow in all the wrong places! Hopefully it stays that way, I mean what girl realistically want extra body hair?! I sure don’t! My hair is currently in a protective style so I am not exactly sure what it is doing to my hair, but believe me when I do take my hair down I will do a follow up post to show results. The bottle contains 200 capsules, a 6 month supply and are currently on sale at for 19.98. Can’t beat that right?! Biotin is THE vitamin for promoting healthy hair and nail growth and that’s what we all want right? Can’t be a fashionista with unhealthy hair and nails, those two things can really make a difference. If you are looking for an affordable vitamin that will produce results please check these out. Of course, results may vary from person to person, but it is still worth a try!


I received this product free or heavily discounted for my honest unbias review!

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