Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks!


Recently while on my lunch break I visited Sephora, my new favorite store, and decided to try the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks that I have been hearing about for awhile! Kat Von D recently released 16 new shades, 28 in the total collection, and I tried a few of them including Exorcism, Noseferatu, Vampria, Damned, and Bauhau5. I wanted to get them all, but the way my bank account is set up…nope wasn’t going to happen! So I ended up just getting Vampria, a deep reddish burgundy..insert sad face. Fear not for I will add more to my stash…now insert happy face!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are described as a long-wearing, full coverage liquid lipstick with a smooth, semi-matte finish. Let me say, that description hits the nail right on the head! All of the colors in the collection are to die for…not literally die, but you know what I mean! The collection includes:

  • Noble- petal pink nude
  • Bow N Arrow- fawn nude
  • Lovesick- mauve nude
  • Requiem- soft lilac
  • Melancholia- rose blush
  • Lolita- chestnut rose
  • Mother- dusty mauve pink
  • Berlin- warm rose
  • Beloved- soft coral
  • Double Dare- cocoa blush
  • Jeffree- hot pink
  • Armageddon- carnation pink
  • Backstage Bambi- hot pink
  • A-Go-Go- vivid orange-red
  • Santa Sangre- poison apple
  • Outlaw- brick red
  • Underage Red- bright crimson
  • Nosferatu- blood crimson
  • Bachorlette- dark reddish fuchsia
  • Bauhau5- deep raspberry
  • Vampria- deep reddish burgundy
  • Exorcism- ripe blackberry
  • Damned- black cherry
  • L.U.V.- rich violet
  • Susperia- bright lavender
  • Ayesha- rich lavender
  • Echo- satin navy blue
  • Wicked- pitch black

As you can see, you have everything from nudes to pinks to berries to reds to out of the norm colors (echo and wicked) to purples. With this collection I am sure that anyone can find at least one color that I fall completely in love with. I have tried liquid lipsticks in the past like the ones by Sephora, but I think I like these way better. The doe foot applicator helps with precision when applying. I would highly recommend exfoliating lips before use to help remove any dead skin because if not, once this lipstick sets, it will highlight all of those dead skin cells. We for sure do not want that, could kill the entire look trust me!


As stated earlier I purchased Vampria, mainly because it was unlike any other color I have in my collection…at least I don’t think it is, anywho! I applied this around 4:30am before I went to work and I kid you not it was still on my lips when I got off around 4pm. Thats some serious longevity! Because I ate ribs for lunch, super greasy I know, I did experience some fading, but the lipstick was still there. Before the greasiness there was no transfer and no smudging even when I kissed my hand, drank something or snacked on some chips from the vending machine. I hate having to always check to make sure my lipstick is still there and with this I did not have to worry…that is until I ate something greasy but I experience fading with any lipstick when it comes in contact with oil.

When applying, it takes about two minutes to set so I would not recommend pressing lips together right after application, let it dry first; otherwise, you will experience some tackiness. No liner is needed when applying, just outline lips first with the doe foot applicator and then fill in. It applies evenly and one coat is enough, but you can apply two if you choose. You will want to work quickly with these because once it sets, it can be a little difficult to create any mistakes. You can wear them alone or use them to create the perfect ombre look, with another liquid lipstick or any other lipstick of your choice. They are available at Sephora for $20. With so many colors you certainly desire more than just one!

Vampria look

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