I’m a Traci Lynn Jewelry Consultant!!


I have an announcement to make…as of yesterday, I have become a Traci Lynn Jewelry Consultant and am super excited about starting this new adventure in my life! In case you have never heard of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry, it was founded in 1989 by motivational speaker Traci Lynn. When she would go out and speak she would receive compliments on the jewelry she wore thus deciding to create this line of fashion jewelry. With this line there is truly something for everyone regardless of what your style may be! There are options from bold to simple, each while still being a statement piece in itself! You will have everyone saying, “Wow, that is beautiful! Where did you get it?’


A. On Point Necklace

B. Square One Earrings

C. Diva Charm Bracelet


Couture Necklace


A. My Girl Necklace

B. Master Key Necklace

C. Peebles Earrings


Smoking Hot Necklace and Bracelet

Perfect Timing Watch

Fairy Tale Earrings

Love these pieces? Interested in more? Want to host a party (in person or virtual) and receive free jewelry? Please feel free to visit my site http://tracilynnjewelry.net/brittany_jackson

Be Beautiful. Be Bold. Be Your Beautiful Bold Self.

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