Drugstore Mini Makeup Haul


I’m always looking for new products to try and on a recent trip to Walgreens I decided to check out the beauty department. I used to work there and they most certainly have changed a few things up a bit. I have been gone for about 2 years now and they now cary E.L.F. Cosmetics. I’m glad they finally decided to add it to the store because when I was there I was suggesting it all the time. Now I kinda feel like I had a indirect part in them adding the brand! Okay maybe not.  While observing the different brands I noticed a few items that caught my eye like the Wet N’ Wild Foundation Brush, Wet N’ Wild MegaLast lipstick in Vintage Vibe, and the Jordana Cat Eye Liquid Liner.

I know I may be a little late finding out Wet N’ Wild now offers brushes, but I was in need of a new one and for about $3.00 I thought why not?! I was pleasantly surprised with the quality. It is made with synthetic bristles and are soft yet firm not to irritate the skin. The brush can be used with either cream or liquid foundations. It does a good job when applying and blending foundation while minimizing streaking. The size is smaller than your average foundation brushes like those made by MAC, Sephora, and Nars, but bigger than your average travel sizes. It can easily fit into your makeup bag. The handle is made of hard plastic and is light so there is comfortability while holding. Cleaning is also a breeze as you can use your favorite brush cleanser or simply dish detergent and water and the bristle hold form while still being thoroughly cleaned. I didn’t noticed any shedding which is definitely a plus. So far I love this brush and am looking forward to our many adventures together!


Since Walgreens had a BOGO special on their Wet N’ Wild Cosmetics I decided to pick up a lipstick, you can never have too many right? For $2.00/piece (regular price) it was too good to pass up! There was a display of their limited edition Here’s to the Wild Ones Fall 2015 Collection and one of the megalast lipsticks jumped out at me for some reason. I would describe Vintage Vibe as a raspberry shade and can be worn alone or paired with a lip liner and/or lipgloss. It applies smoothly not settling into lip lines and has a satin, semi-matte finish. It is also hydrating and last 4-6 hours. As it starts to fade it does leave behind a stain, but that doesn’t bother me. The collection contained other products as well like mascara, nail polish, and eyeshadow just to name a few. It is just in time for fall and I would recommend that you check it out!


Please excuse my brows as I neglected them today. *sad face*

Lastly, I decided to pick up Jordana Cat Eye Liquid Liner in Black Leather for $3. I was surprised by this product as well. Jordana doesn’t describe it as waterproof, but I think it falls into that category. I was able to apply it along my lid as well as my waterline. It has a brush applicator rather than a felt tip as seen with most liquid eyeliners. For beginners like myself, applying can be a little difficult when trying to achieve a precise clean line especially if you do not have a steady hand. As a solution I would recommend propping your elbow up to help with control. Makeup remover and a q-tip will become your best friend when you experience a slip ups. The size of the brush allows for either a thin or thick line to be created. I would recommend starting with a thin line and build from there to create your desired look. Since the brush is thin, it allows you to also be creative and draw designs by your eyes and really demonstrate your artistic side. I applied this along my waterline and although a little did get in my eye it wasn’t irritating. A quick dab of tissue was all I needed to get it out. I noticed that it does dry quickly and does not smudge nor rub off easily. If you are looking for something affordable that allows you to go from subtle to dramatic this is it. Other colors are available as well.

*Side Note*

I always get so many compliments on my lashes. People ask all the time whether they are mine and the answer is yes. I have always had naturally long lashes and earlier in the summer I was introduced to It Cosmetics Hello Lashes Extensions mascara. It has become my favorite mascara because it really enhancing my lashes and make them really stand out.

*End Side Note*

I’m glad that I did make that trip to Walgreens because I was able to get a few good products and if you have Reward Points like I did then using those points to pay makes it even more worthwhile.

What are some of your favorite drugstore products?


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