Review: Bluetooth Selfie Stick


I know this is a fashion, health and beauty blog, but every once in while we can talk about accessories that can help add to and even capture that fabulous lifestyle we all live! So with that being said, I am going to review this bluetooth selfie stick by Reach that I received in the mail. I already own a selfie stick, but taking pictures with it is so hard because the expandable stick is super flimsy so my phone moves around the entire time I am trying to capture that perfect shot! Since being introduced to the Bluetooth Selfie Stick by Reach, I am throwing away my old one. I like this new one a whole lot more.


  • 42 inch expandable pole
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • affordable
  • portable
  • rechargeable, charge holds up to 3 days
  • Compatible with all smartphones, the part that holds the phone extends


  • Sometimes it can be hard to tell if it is in pairing mode or actually connected to device

Selfie sticks will never go out of style and is the perfect accessory when on the go for all my photo taking lovers! You can capture so much more than you could just holding it in your hand and then also there is no need to stop a random person to take your picture. Plus the part that holds the phone folds backwards making it super portable and it comes with a wrist strap so when not in use you can have it handy without getting lost! The Bluetooth Selfie Stick by Reach is available through Amazon for $15.95! I highly recommend you go check it out!

Disclaimer: I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest, unbias review.

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