Bite Rewind Holiday Set


I have never before tried any of Bite Cosmetics lipsticks, but I have heard a lot of great things about them so on another recent Sephora, I decided to pick up Bite Rewind Holiday Set. I have fallen in love with holiday sets because they allow me to try various products without spending as much as I would if I bought each product individually full size. Bite Rewind Holiday Set comes with four deluxe size Lipsticks for only $25. Included in the set is a deluxe size of Cafe (peachy-brow nude), Torte (brown-toned rose), Coulis (raspberry-red), Albergine (eggplant), and a red tin with a mirror to hold them in. The set is limited edition.


The formula is creamy and matte, but not drying, which is something I love about this set! It’s premium triple-milled pigments provide powdery light, highly pigmented payoff, while naturally derived orange peel wax naturally protects and seals in moisture. Sealing in moisture is super important, especially with winter weather right around the corner! I am a huge fan of every color, except cafe because it is a little too light against my skin tone, so in order for me to wear it a little manipulation with a darker lip liner will have to occur.

Have you tried any of these colors? What are your favorites? Thoughts?



2 thoughts on “Bite Rewind Holiday Set

  1. I love these lipsticks! Bite is sooo pigmented. I adore care but i’d have to agree that i’ll be in need of a darker lipliner in order to not look insane. I’m sure it could create a gorgeous ombre lip!


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