Irresistible Me Silky Touch Clip-in Hair Extensions

What are clip in hair extensions?

Clip ins are actually wefts of either synthetic or human hair that have snap clips on them allowing one to simply make a part in their hair and clip in the extensions. They are very versatile and can be worn daily or occasionally to add length and/or volume to hair. Clip in hair extensions can be worn in various styles and come in a variety of colors.

A former co-worker of mine actually introduced me to clip ins when I inquired about her hair, which I thought was completely hers and ever since then I was curious to try them for myself. I have tried hair extensions in the past, but never have I tried clip in extensions. Well, that is until now. I wanted to give my hair a break from sew in hair extensions, so I decided to try a different method for adding length and volume to my hair while still being able to take care of it. That is when Irresistible Me Hair Extensions walked into my life.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions is a company that offers a variety of products from clip in extensions and hair tools to hair accessories. They actually have two hair lines: Silky Touch Clip in Extensions and Royal Remy Clip in Extensions. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out their Silky Touch Clip In Hair Extensions in 99J (Silky Rosewood) 16″ 200g. On their site they offer a variety of colors that are super blendable with lengths starting at 14″ 100g. Their prices for the Silky Touch line starts at $89 for 100g and for the Royal Remy line, the starting price is $139 for 100g. There is a difference between the two lines. Although all of their hair is made from 100% Human Remy Hair, the Silky Touch line’s hair tapers toward the end while the Royal Remy line’s hair has the same thickness from top to bottom.

Now that we got that out the way, let’s get to the review shall we!

When I received the package in the mail, which shipping was super fast, I was extremely excited and instantly opened the box, which contained a cute little message and of course the hair!!! Now let me tell you this, the hair is stored in a pouch with two compartments. Both sides are sealed, with one containing a sample of the hair and another containing the rest of the wefts. It is very important to open the sample side first to ensure it is indeed what you want, because once the other side containing the rest of the wefts are opened, you will no longer be allowed to return or exchange the product.


In the other side, at first glance, it doesn’t look like much hair, but once you take it out you realize very fast that volumnious things can come in small packages! Inside you will find 7-10 wefts of hair depending on which weight you choose: 100g, 140g, 200g. Mine, of course. came with 10 wefts including 1 pc of 4 clips (7.5″), 2 pcs of 3 clips (6″), 5 pcs of 2 clips (4″), 2 pcs of 1 clip (1.2″). The 7.5″ is actually their signature weft which contains four wefts sewn together to make one! Inside the package there are extra clips which is a plus!


Upon my first attempt, it took me about 15 mins to put them all in because I had no idea what I was doing. Sorry, but I am very hair illiterate, something I am improving on! After that first attempt, I watched several videos and read blogs about installation and finally I got my time down to less than 5 mins. #winning

Installation is quick and easy as all you really have to do is create a part in your hair and insert the desired piece of weft for that section of your hair. You continue to part and insert until you have reached the base of your hair. Insert some on the side and boom done! the hair comes straight, but can easily be curled. The hair can also be cut and colored, although I haven’t tried cutting or coloring yet, soon maybe.

I have even washed the hair, which actually curled up a bit in the process, let it hair dry, and straightened it back out. The hair was still as wonderful as it was the day I received. As with hair in general, when brushing, I did experience minor shedding, but there is so much hair in the wefts so it was not noticeable.

2016-03-09 16.57.23

Final Verdict:

I adore this hair completely. It gives my short,fine hair the extra length and volume I desire. Rather I am wearing my hair straight, curled, in a ponytail or half up half down, my hair is perfectly blended and people think it is actually my hair. I get so many compliments that I often ask myself why I haven’t tried clip ins sooner. I have read that clip ins should not be slept in because the clips can get tangled in your real hair, but I have slept in them without any issue. I have wrapped my hair, put a scarf and a bonnet on, I have braided it and put a bonnet on and experienced no issues. My clip ins are in my hair daily and sometimes when I know I have to be up super early for work I don’t want to take them out the night before and put them back in the next morning when I know I will be rushing. Sometimes I use all 10 wefts and sometimes I don’t, regardless, the desired length These are my best kept secret that I am now sharing with all of you. If you are looking for real hair extensions providing added length, volume, or both, Irresistible Me Silky Touch Clip In Hair Extensions are definitely worth your exploration.

After using these, I am definitely looking forward to trying out more of their products!

Stay tuned, post with hairstyles using my clip ins is coming soon.

Have you tried clip ins before? Thoughts?



*These extensions were provided to me by Irresistible Me Hair Extensions for consideration. As usual, all opinions are based strictly on my personal experience!*



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