Irresistible Me Clip In Hair Extensions- Hairstyles

Clip in hair extensions helps make styling extremely versatile. I am by no means an expert at styling hair. I have always been a blow dry and flat iron kind of girl when it comes to my natural hair because creating curls and other styles, even simple ones, always seemed to go downhill. Lately I have been wearing my Irresistible Clip In Silky Touch Hair Extensions 16″ in Silky Rosewood 200g that I discussed in a previous post and have been loving the look they give me. 


I have worn my hair in a ponytail, half up half down, straight, and curled and have loved every minute of it. It feels like my hair only better with added length and volume. Since I am not good at curling my hair, I ended up going to the salon to have my stylist do the curling. She told me the hair was a little difficult to curl, but once it curled, the curls really did last for days even without the use of hairspray. We did agree that the feel of the hair is more closely related to the actual feel and look of my hair. I even ended up cutting the hair a little bit, which would explain why it looks like two different lengths in the pictures.

I also had her braid my hair down before she clipped the pieces in so that it cuts down more styling time in the morning and creates like a protective style for my hair. The clip ins attached just fine even with the braiding. I still wear them to sleep sometimes while wearing a mesh wrap and bonnet so that the hair is still protected. I still haven’t experienced any negative side effects from doing so. I have seen others that have done complete updos, buns, and fishtail braids using their clip ins, but I am not that talented. I have watched youtube videos so that I can continue to get better at styling. We shall see how that goes!

I definitely will try their Royal Remy clip in extensions to compare the two since Silky Touch is their best selling line and Royal Remy is their premium line. I still feel like Irresistible Me Clip In Hair Extensions are worth a check out!



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