Younique’s New Product Launches (March 2017)

Hey Fashionistas,

It has been a while since my last post, but I have missed you all and am back at it in full force! So this is the first day of March and I have some amazing new products by Younique to tell you all about that just launched TODAY!! In case you aren’t familiar with the company, it was started  back in September 2012, by brother-sister team Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft, with a mission to “uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both outer and inner beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.” WOW, what a powerful mission statement! You may have heard of 3D Fiber Lashes+ Mascara…well that’s Younique! It’s amazing how much the company has grown in less that 5 years…from expanding their products to having presenters across the globe EMPOWERING women everyday!!

I, myself, believe in their mission of empowerment and decided to join the company, not only for the fact that I love beauty, makeup, and all that is brings, but also because of the many  opportunities that being apart of this amazing company brings.


So today, Younique launched the following products and I can’t wait to share them with you! Everything from lipsticks to lip stains to lip glosses to translucent powder to a brow brush to brow palettes to luminizers! I am going to speak a little bit about each product in this post to bear with me!

Here we go!


This month there are 4 new shades of the Moodstruck Opulence Lipsticks (l to r: Ambitious-berry purple, Top Notch-bright coral, Opportunistic-dark purple, and Swagger-bold purple) bringing the total number of Moodstruck Lipsticks available to 20! Younique’s Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick is a buttery-soft lipstick that glides on smoothly like satin without harsh tugging and provides full, colorful coverage for a glowing and modern look. The line provides a range of colors from nudes to pinks to reds to purples…something for every look and every style!


Now I love a long lasting lip color that requires minimum touch and Younique’s Stiff Upper Lip Stains provide just that. Today 6 new colors have been launched: Speechless (peachy nude), Shameless (neon coral), Sucker-Punched (berry pink), Sensational (brick red), Serendipitous (lavender pink), and Smoldering (deep purple). These stains easily tints your lips for a non-transferring, smudge-proof look that truly lasts. There are 13 total colors available in the lip stains. My personal favorite of the new colors is Sucker-Punched, something about a berry pink color that gets me every time!


Lip gloss has always been a girl’s best friend, outside of diamonds of course! Now there are 3 new colors to add your collection (l to r: Lippy-perfect peach simmer, Lucid-vintage rose shimmer, and Lunar-golden nude shimmer). I personally do not like sticky lip gloss and are absolutely gorgeous without all of that sticky stuff! They will for sure have your lips popping and can be worn alone or paired with a Moodstruck Lipstick, a liner, or the Stiff Upper Lip Stains! There are now 13 colors available in the Lucrative Lip Glosses!


Every woman should have a setting powder in their makeup bag! I am glad Younique decided to launch it’s Touch Behold Translucent Setting Powder! A setting powder is meant to lock and hold makeup in place for a flawless, photo ready finish! I know we all love a great selfie, right?! This weightless setting powder gives sheer, matte, natural coverage and blurs the look of imperfections!


A good brush is key to a great application! Younique’s Brow Artist Brush is bomb and is made with synthetic micro-crystal fibers. Two brushes in one; you can line and sculpt your brows using only one brush! The ultra-angled end helps attain sharp lines, while the thin, flat end helps apply wax, highlighters, and color with precision. This brush is a perfect pair with the Moodstuck Brow Obsession Palette I am going to talk about next!


Introducing the Moodstruck Brow Obsession Palette which just launched in 3 colors: blonde, brunette, and dark brunette/black! I love to have my brows on point and this palette has literally everything needed to make that happen! In this one palette you get a mirror, light and dark sculpting powders, matter and shimmer highlighters, and a wax to keep your set and ready to stun all!


Okay last product in this month’s new releases…Luminizers!!! The new Touch à la mode (meaning “fashionable touch”) Luminizers come in 3 different formulas (l to r: powder, cream to powder, and cream) all in 5 shades (Iridescent-prismatic white, Benevolent-golden frost, Lustrous-rose gold, Pearly-rich copper, and Opaline-deep bronze). Touch à la mode Powder Luminzer is a light-diffusing rich pressed powder that brightens your skin with a highly-pigmented, luminous finish. As of right now it is sold exclusively as part of the Glamour Grab Bag collection, available right now, but will soon be available for individual sale. Touch à la mode Cream to Powder Luminizer is a cream to powder highlighter in a stick that reflects light and illuminates your skin with a powdery-soft finish. Right now it is sold exclusively as part of The Full Flourish collection, but will soon be available for individual sale. Last of the batch, Touch à la mode Cream Luminizer is a creamy, liquid highlighter that blends easily for a radiant and silky-smooth finish from any angle. As of right now, is sold exclusively as part of the About Face collection, but will soon be available for individual sale.

This new product launch is huge and I am so excited about it! All products contain high quality ingredients that enrich and nourish the skin resulting in an effective product that is safely compatible with virtually every skin type! Feel free to check out these products plus more, just click here! Which ones have you interested?!

Thanks for reading!



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