EMallee Samsung Gear S2 Band Review


So I ordered an Emallee Samsung Gear S2 replacement band for my watch and although I was skeptical at first about how it would fit and look, I am actually impressed. The original band that came on the watch is like a dark grey and I am glad to switch it up a bit. The company does offer various colors, but I thought sticking with black would be safe. However, I am going to buy more bands from them so that if I want to I can switch it up to match my mood or clothes! The band itself is not as stiff as the original, but I don’t find that to be an issue. Overall, I highly recommend this to those that want a quality replacement but doesn’t want to shed out $40-60 for one. It’s available on Amazon now so check it out!

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CacheAlaska Samsung Note 5 Kickstand Case


I received this product for review and I must say it is a pretty cool case. The rugged design makes for an easier, less slippery grip with a kickstand. I don’t use the kickstand much, but it is great for those that like to watch a lot of videos and movies conveniently without having to hold the your device. Although this case doesn’t cover the entire phone, it does still provide full protection thanks to the tempered glass screen protector that comes with it. Now I have never used this type of screen protector in the past, but it’s one of those “once you try it you never want anything else” type of things.. It truly acts a screen on top of a screen so if you so happen to drop your phone and and the “screen” cracks, more than likely it is the protector and not your actual phone. Amazing right?! I can attest to this, not from personal experience but by some of the  cracked glass protector screens but nor actual phone screens that I have seen at my place of employment.


The screen itself is clear and easy to apply so you don’t have to worry about it changing the appearance of your phone screen. I highly recommend a glass screen protector to everyone in comparison to the other screen protector types. I love how CacheAlaska includes this when your order their case because it adds to their concept of providing a “full protection” case at half the price. It is available now on Amazon for about $15!

What are your thoughts? What cases do you love to use to protect your phone? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Disclaimer: I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest review!

Review: Symaxio Wireless Bluetooth Headset


I like the convenience of having a wireless bluetooth headset that sits comfortably on my neck while keeping me connected. On average I noticed I could get a day maybe a day and a half of use before having to place it on the charger. The earbuds fit comfortably in my ear and the sound quality is good. When the earbuds are not in you, they can easily be attached to the headset through the magnetic so that they aren’t swinging around a lot. I like how the buttons functionalities are easy to understand and maneuver. When it is on, the call answer/end button lights up blue making you aware that it connected and ready for use. It will also light up while charging and cut off when charging is complete. I like to play my music through the headset while on the go and the fact that I can answer incoming phone calls seamlessly is an added bonus. The only thing I did not like about this headset is the fact that I noticed if I am on a phone call and someone else calls me in the middle, then the bluetooth will vibrate to alert me. That is actually a positive thing; the negative is that whomever I am on the phone with can actually hear the vibration and complained that it was loud in their ears. This product is available through Amazon for less than $20. If you want a decent headset at a reasonable price then I would recommend this one to you. What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest unbias review.

Review: Doopoo Luxury Bling Case for Samsung S5


I love fashion cases. There is something about having a case that is eye catching that just melts my heart. I received this Doopoo Luxury Bling Hard Case for review on my Samsung Galaxy S5. This is a pretty cool case, it does its job protecting against the back and frame of my phone from Fingerprints, Scratches, Dusts, Collisions And Abrasion. It comes with a waterproof sleeve and two screen protectors, but I doubt if I will ever actually use the sleeve. The case is made from hard plastic and comes in a variety of colors. After a couple of days of usage, I did notice a small crack on the side near the volume button, probably from when I accidentally dropped the phone, but it is not noticeable. The back where the rhinestones are has a smooth surface and I haven’t noticed any peeling or unevenness.


  • trendy
  • comes with two screen protectors
  • available in multiple colors
  • easy to install and remove


  • provides minimal protection
  • the hard plastic may start to crack if dropped too many times

If you want something trendy and do not care a lot about having a full protection case, then I would recommend this case to you. It is available on Amazon for less than $8, totally affordable and serves it’s purpose of being a fashion case.

I am actually doing a contest where you can win one of these cases for yourself, all you have to do is email me at brittany@brittanyejackson.com with the subject title Doopoo Case Giveaway. A winner will be chosen within 5 days and notified via email.


Disclaimer: I received this product free or heavily discounted in exchange for my honest unbias review.